Finally, a post!

Back to my first world rant a week or so ago. I ordered a new computer on Black Friday, which was a super sweet deal on a Lenovo IdeaPad with a touch screen, aka super fancy. I got it last Tuesday, and used it off and on when I wasn’t working, mainly just to try and get a feel for the new operating system and to personalize it. I attempted to use it on Friday to upload my advertisement from my old computer, but when I plugged in my USB drive to the Lenovo, it crashed and restarted. Unexpectedly. I didn’t really have to do much else on it that night (after successfully uploading the photo the second time), and shut it down. Then, on Saturday, the hubs had planned to move photos and documents from my old hard drive to the new one, finally getting everything on one computer. As soon as he plugged in the USB for the hard drive transfer, my new computer crashed, and has yet to turn back on. So, we sent it back to Newegg.

This is mainly the reason I haven’t been posting. The hubs has been really nice, letting me use his little Samsung notebook, but it’s too small for my fat fingers. I’m still having to do research on one computer, and write and edit photos on another. (His computer has Open Office, and while I’ve attempted to use it to write, his mouse pad is extremely sensitive, and I end up accidentally deleting paragraphs without knowing it).

My computer is also having issues with continual crashing. Just this morning, as I’ve been writing this post, it’s already crashed twice. So, instead of frustrating myself, I’ve decided not to post until I get my 2nd new computer, which should be here Friday. Fingers crossed.

Until then, I will post my normal Thursday letter from Clarese, as well as a Saturday ad. With any luck, my next post will be from my new HP.



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2 responses to “Finally, a post!

  1. Oh nooo. Problems with a brand new computer are awful. I had such a horrible time with a new Dell back in 2001 that I’ve never bought anything else from them. So sorry Ashley. Hang in there. 🙂

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