Meet me by the Coke machine

Photo copyright and courtesy of Vintage Vending, Inc.

Photo copyright and courtesy of Vintage Vending, Inc.

May 15


Now a week has gone by since I heard from you.  This must mean Louis is home.  Bet you’re really having a swell time.  When are you going to throw a big party for him? Remember I get to come sit in a corner for your benefit.  Well, don’t think I won’t enjoy being looked at by you.  Remember the Saturday nite you are going to throw a small party for me and meet me at the bar downstairs?  Better not make it this Saturday because I’ll be working.  Say, I might even meet you  at our bar in the basement.  Well not exactly our bar, but anyway, our coke machine.  It sure is being appreciated.  We have it empty most of the time.

So now my guy is wearing glasses.  Bet a lot of the headache you used to have out here were because you needed glasses.  Don’t you feel somewhat better since you have them?  Do you have to wear them only for reading and close work?  What are they like-rimless?

It has been 3 months since you left.  Seems like years.  All the time now I catch myself dreaming about how it will be the moment you come back.  Bet it will be lovely.

Monday evening Charles came over and took mom out to dinner.  I was going but then I was also supposed to go to the circus with that kid who didn’t make it to the show Sunday nite.  But it’s becoming a habit- he didn’t even call and make excuses, so I stayed home and surprising enough,  I enjoyed it.  As I was saying, Charles came over.  They went to dinner at a new place on State street.  Out quite a ways.  It looks like a lovely home,  but they serve the most delicious chicken.  We should put that on our list to try and go to “The Clover.”

Charles sold his old car so next time maybe it will be a new one.  Guess they’ll ride cabs for a while now.  Both of them so loved to go car riding and see new sights.

Say, Monday nite while I stayed home, I finished that pot holder set that I was working on while you were home.  Remember the one you worked on for a bit.  Now that’s ready for my hope chest and I began working on a new table cloth.  I got the table cloth several years ago, for Christmas.  After I have it finished I shall have finished all that I have unfinished-finished?  It is for a small table and is of big blue and white checkers.  I am appliqueing blue patches as baskets and then will embroidery flowers in them.  If I make it real pretty, it will take time.  I think you will like it.

Mom is taking her vacation this week-one week of it.  I guess shell take two more weeks in August.  She was going to make a new house coat for me but not now, I guess.  Margaret and the kids got sick yesterday morning so grandma went up there.  They got poisoned on something.  She’s up there again today.  So mom is doing our ironing and washing.  She’s going up to northern Idaho Thursday and stay till Sunday.  She’ll feel a lot better after a small rest.  She is still taking treatments.  Sometimes they sure get rough.  She’s got several black and blue spots.

Yesterday morning I got up early and fixed mom’s hair before I came back to the hospital then I got up early this morning and went home and combed it.  I think I’m getting pretty good at fixing it.  She had a nice breakfast fixed for me.

It sure seemed good to sleep in my own hard bed last nite, though-I can’t hardly rest in moms.  It’s so soft.  I think she’s going to get a harder one.  I think she’ll sleep better too.

Today is a nice warm day.  It was kinda windy yesterday.  Our temp is about the same as Chicago is now.  So you can keep up with us.

Last nite I was on duty with my little kids.  I sure don’t know much about that floor yet.  I have one girl on till 9 and then from 9-11 I’m on by myself.  I have to feed my babies then but I only had three last night.  We used to have one girl on till 10-but while I was gone an couple made fudge so now they’re only on till 9.  Those two girls are restricted to their rooms.  I really don’t mind being on alone-but its kind a scary and lately we’ve had a few prowlers.  I continually made rounds checking doors to make sure they were locked.

Say, you ought to see my fingernails now.  They’re all about the same length and are a little bit long.   Wish they wouldn’t break.  They’re pretty.  I’m going to do some more shopping when I get off relief, and I want a new black dress.  Say are you getting in the habit of wear white shirts and neck ties now?  All my new pictures are that way.  Still wear your sweatshirt.  Pardon me: t-shirt.

Be seeing you the sooner the better.  How is school stocking up?  Will you be there with classes in August?

Bye now Dolly.

As ever

Love Clarese

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Vintage Vending, Inc. ‘ Vendo V-83 Soda Machine.’ Vintage Vending, Inc.  14 January 2009. Image. 4 December 2013



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  1. Your always brings back so many pleasant memories, Thank you.

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