Adventures in Caldwell


May 13 1946

Dearest Chuck:

I’m on my knees begging your pardon, Dolly. I’m awfully sorry I haven’t written. Sometimes I wonder if your family thinks we are fighting because we don’t write so often. Would never fight with you. Only once did we fight. That is all, isn’t it, once. And that was my fault. I’m sorry, but I’ll never get in one of those moods again. Guess I haven’t written since Wednesday and I’m awfully sorry.

Thursday evening one of the older students and I went to see Ziegfield Follies. It was rather rotten, I thought. Didn’t even enjoy the music.


Friday nite I worked till ten. So I fell into bed. Saturday I was finished for the day at 3, so I got my dirty clothes and a few clean ones and took out for home. I stopped down town and tried to buy a few things but couldn’t see anything I needed and wanted. Picked up my corsage, and stopped to see Mabel. She said she bet you wouldn’t wait two years before you come out and you said you wouldn’t either so then she said she bet you’d be out before the year was up. You said you could at least stay away that long. I can’t remember all that, but that is what she says. She’s sure interested in us. She’s awful nice.

Now for my episode at Caldwell. We got over there at the usual time in the evening-10:30. But we didn’t eat anything. Charles was so busy we went up to our room for a while. Then at 11-went down but he was still busy so we waited in the bar. Had me a John Collins-didn’t sit too well on an empty stomach.

letter may 13 1946

Cocktail napkin from the Saratoga Hotel, Caldwell, Idaho. Clarese included this in her letter to Chuck.

Back of the cocktail napkin from the Saratoga Hotel.

Back of the cocktail napkin from the Saratoga Hotel.

Mom-the smart thing, had eaten a big meal before we went over and I wasn’t hungry. So when Charles got off work, we went up again to our rooms and while mom was waiting form him to change clothes, I dashed down to a little restaurant and had me a steak sandwich. I was surely hungry. Then when I went back over, Charles decided we’d go down and have a drink and he’d fix us a ham sandwich. All of which the thought made me sick. So down we went. Why is it the drinks seem to get stronger the more you have? After that and a ham sandwich we went to bed about 1.

The next morning we were going to sleep later but the people next to us got up and all 3 took baths. Bet they washed clothes or something too because they sure ran that bath tub full of water enough times. Made us so mad. We never once got into the bath room-so we had to go down the hall. Talk about mad.

Don’t I sound silly rattling on this way? I’m trying to write this before my 2 o’clock class.

We came home yesterday afternoon and went up to Margaret’s for dinner. She is the most wonderful cook.

I had a date for a show last nite. I met him down town. The kid I have gone motorcycling with some lately and he was still on the cycle and had his dirty clothes on. He said he would go home and change and be back in 15 minutes. I was all dressed up. I wore my new dress. Darned if I would ride that thing so I waited forty five minutes and then I went to the show by myself. He left a message that he would call this evening at 7:30. Well, heck with him.

I just can’t seem to think of anything else to write. I’m so dull lately. Every time I go to see Mabel she tells me how tired I look-guess I am. But wait till my vacation. Then I will relax.

I’ll close now darling.

All my love-



Clarese not only included the cocktail napkin in her letter, but also a newspaper clipping about higher divorce rates.  In recent letters, she’s sent other hints including clippings about wedding dresses, or mentioned marriage here or there.   You have to give her credit for trying though.

letter 3may 13 1946


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