First World Problems in the Digital Age

So. Here’s my first world rant for the day: The wireless card in my laptop died yesterday.  While this may seem like an easy fix by ordering a new one and getting my husband to install it for me,  I’m holding onto a slowly dying, out of date laptop.  My posts over the next few days may be short and somewhat sporadic while I ponder my options.  The only other cabled setup in my house, besides my husband’s super fancy desktop, is in our basement, which is just a little too chilly for me to stay for long periods of time without wearing a million blankets.

Some of you might be thinking, ‘For goodness sakes, just order a new laptop!’  But, I’m sentimental toward objects; hence, the whole premise behind this blog. This laptop (a 2006 HP Pavilion) has been with me through my last semester of college, traveled to and from England, was the constant brunt of my frustrations through my Master’s dissertation (the motherboard died 1/3 of the way through my dissertation less than a year after I bought it, guaranteeing a free fix), and has seen countless adventures through all of my uploaded photographs.

My husband has been urging me for the past year to either wipe this one clean, or purchase a new one.  So the questions remains: do I buy a new memory card for less than 5 dollars, wipe it clean, and hope that that was the only thing wrong with it? Or do I buy a fast, new computer for several hundred dollars and say screw the old one?  Either way I’m going to lose Photoshop, which I use everyday and for almost every post.

Anyone have any thoughts?



November 22, 2013 · 8:00 am

5 responses to “First World Problems in the Digital Age

  1. Not a suggestion, but more like thoughts… 1. You might find a deal for one that already has Photoshop [or at least Photoshop Elements] on it.
    2. You might be able to repurpose the beloved old computer some how, in a whimsical way. For example pry the workings out of the case and turn the case into a stationary box. [I’ve no idea how feasible that is, but I bet you could find some ideas online.]

    Either way, good luck. I know it’s frustrating.


  2. Jess A

    Hmmm, that’s tricky. I get your affinity for hanging out to objects of sentimental value (hello! History majors stick together!), but I *just* purchased a new Macbook Pro after having my old Macbook since 2007. It’s started shutting down on its own, is super slow…it does the job still, don’t get me wrong, but it’s reaching a point where I have the money right now to spend on it, and I may not have that income in a year’s time (hello, teaching and maternity contracts). So…go with what your gut tells you. Are you going to replace the card only to have the computer die shortly thereafter? Another point to consider: Black Friday. Online sales.

    • Those were the hubs’ thoughts, too, Jess. He’s been looking at Black Friday and cyber Monday deals, so I may end up doing something like that. I may attempt to find a decent free photo editing software (if there is such a thing!) until I can get a discounted copy of Photoshop. But maybe I’ll get lucky and find one that has photoshop already on it like teagan suggested 🙂 I’ll keep you guys posted for sure!

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