Long and Babbling Letters

May 9 1946


Dear Chuck:

Alias Charlie, alias Steve Bay.  I wonder how many charges they have against you?

Do you suppose the folks could take a hint if I sent your letters the way I have to this one address?  I don’t know how to change names and I don’t suppose they do either, so as the occasion arises you shall probably be called both Chuck and Charlie.

Now how come sometimes you write a letter one evening and its not post marked until the next? Guess I worry too much about it.  I should be thankful I even get a letter.  Say, what do you mean it’s a surprise to get a letter from me?  Insinuating I don’t write very often?  I shall do better – you probably notice I have already picked up.

I would have written yesterday, but I wrote such long and babbling letters the day before and before that.  Bet you’d be surprised what I did do yesterday for a change.  Worked 10 hours and studied some.  Oh, yes I did! Now with summer coming on, I’ll make good showings at the end.  And then I wrote three long letters to people that had given up all hope.  In fact, it had been almost two months since I had written to anyone besides daddy and you.

Aha-so you got caught with only part of your p.j.s on, huh.  Well mind you, when I’m around, you’ll be sleeping with all of them on-understand?  Well anyway, it sounds good, but I’m not so old fashioned.  Oh dear, what am I even talking about?  Getting a little ahead of myself aren’t I?

So, you’re disgusted with the weather.  I noticed Helen had a sweater on in her picture.  My gosh.  We haven’t worn one for weeks here.  It’s almost much too warm to wear suits in the evening.  Except on a day like yesterday.  It was real cloudy and rainy.  But today it was beautiful.

So, you can’t remember your bet with Mabel.  I’ll be she would be disappointed if she knew you had forgotten and I had promised I wouldn’t mention it to you.  But so as not to hurt her, I’ll tell you.  Hey, come to think of it, you guys were betting the same thing and I wasn’t.  Guess I’ll have to treat to that dinner.  She said you’d be back out this summer and you said you wouldn’t promise not to come.  Anyway it’s complicated.  If we had a car, I’d stake her to a picnic lunch.  But we’ll see.

Thanks for the pictures, Dolly.  You sure do look dark.  Wonder what you’ll be like this summer?  Those were all good pictures.  So that is the truck in the background.  Won’t you and Lewis have to buy it from your dad?  Say, what is the news about Lewis?  Did he call or make it home? I’m disappointed I can’t sorta be the hostess for the party you’ll throw for him.  Bet I’ll have oodles of fun with so many men around.

Chuck- I’m sorry if I thanked you so late for mother’s Easter card.  I meant to as soon as she told me, but I guess I forgot.  And I don’t believe I even thanked you for the one you sent.  At first it was awfully disappointing.  I thought I would surely get one where you said you liked me.  But I received a funny one.  Well, after I received my corsage I was mad because it was such a deceiver and I didn’t know such beauty was coming.  I’m sorry and thank you for the card.

Did I tell you my plans for the weekend?  I have last hours Saturday, so mom and I- I hope- are going to Caldwell and Sunday and Monday are my long days.  So I want to have over nites- Sat, Sun & Mon-then Sunday nite I can stay home and since I don’t to work till 3 next Tuesday-I want to stay home all nite Monday so I can go to the circus.  Of course I have class Monday and Tuesday, but I’ll make it.  Don’t know if I can or not, but I can dream.  Monday nite is the nite Charles comes over here so maybe we could all go together.

Mama still isn’t navigating very well.  She’s down at the doctor’s office today having some treatments.  She was down there yesterday.  It takes her four hours every time she goes.  Guess she’s going to take next week off and rest up some.  Maybe my weekend plans will be off if she doesn’t feel better.

Say, will you be through with the subjects you’re taking now, so you can come out next summer?  I do hope so.  My cousin Norbert got his high school diploma yesterday.  He had to take some sort of army tests to get it.

Well, I’ll close.  Be seeing you





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2 responses to “Long and Babbling Letters

  1. Ah… poor Clarese. It’s amazing what a different world it was back then, if for no other reason, than the lack of communication.

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