Patterned Portrait

This past week/weekend was super busy for me (hence, no post yesterday).  My nieces were in town from the Tidewater region of Virginia.  They were extremely fascinated with my 1916 typewriter, which I have sitting on a rickety Federal style card table my dad attempted to refinish.  The clack-clack-clack of the keys was ever present, and it was a wonderful background noise, helping me to focus my thoughts on writing a speech (which I ended up throwing to the wind) for the end of the year banquet for the volleyball team I help coach.

I’ve decided to share another photograph of my grandmother, Ernestine, when she was a teenager-mainly because the typewriter was hers.  As I said in a previous post, photos of my grandmother when she was young are rare.  Her family was not extremely wealthy, and most likely could not afford to purchase a camera, much less buy film, and then pay for the film to be developed.

ernestine 40s

Unfortunately, I don’t know anything about this photo.  I’m guessing it is from the mid to late 1940s, based on how old she looks, as well as the ruffled blouse. Her hair is still white blonde, and I love that her eyebrows are naturally dark.  Her dark lipstick makes her stand out from the patterned background, and also draws your eyes to her face.  Her hair looks french braided or pulled back into a modified victory roll, with a large black bow at the back of her head. She almost looks caught off guard, but at the same time, I think this is the only photo I have of her when she’s smiling-even if it is a small one.

One interesting thing about this photo is that, if you look carefully at the right and left edges of the photograph, you can see it was cut with scissors, and not very well.  I’m wondering if this was from a photo booth-maybe one in her town, or one when she went on vacation, like the one I have of her at White Lake.


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