Words just flow from my pen

May 7 1946

Tuesday Eve

Dearest Chuck:

And I’m writing today because I’m thinking so much about what tomorrow will be.  9 months is a long time, isn’t it?  Just as I was starting this I heard some lovely South American rythum.  How is your dancing coming along? I’m sorry I harp so about it, Dolly, but I love to dance so and if he isn’t real good it just kinda ruins it for me.  Guess there’s one point Marie has over me.  Bet she never complains with Louis home.  Don’t you suppose you could brush up a little?  We could really have fun this summer.

I wish we had a thousand dollars to spend.  I’d love to go up in the hills every day riding next summer.  I really never enjoyed it so much in my life as I did that day.  Guess I’m always happy when you’re around.

Got a beautiful letter from you today.  6 whole pages.  Remember when you used to have difficulty even writing even one page.  Words just flow from my pen.

Say, Dolly, would it be of interest to you to know how much a round trip bus ticket to Seattle is?  $23- about that.  I want to take a bus because we can see so many beautiful sights and then we can be alone together for a longer time.  Mom and I left one evening about 9 and crossed the desert between here and there in the dark when it was cool and slept the first lap and then the beautiful sights we got to see in the day time.  We hit Seattle in the early evening.

So, you too remember the day we played ball.  How I wish time would go backwards.  Guess there was a method in my madness. If only I had known you didn’t feel good I surely wouldn’t have started such a thing.  Although it was fun and if I remember correct you held me close several times-and mom only sat there and smiled.  She knew.

Well, did you go to the circus?  I haven’t seen one for 3 years and it was crumby.  I’m looking forward to the rodeo this fall.  That’s more the western stand by.  If you went to the circus, be sure to tell me all about it.

As for using my stamps: I don’t begrudge a one.  I wish I could send mine airmail but I think I would rather save the money and buy something for my hope chest.  There you would also share.  Do not feel compelled to send them air mail, darling.

1946 stamp1946 airmail

I get your letters from 12-18 hours from the time of the postmark.  Sometimes the post mark gives me the oddest time.  I often wonder what you’re doing at that hour.  Sleeping a lot, I hope.

Guess what I did tonite from the time I got off work until dark?  Played crokay.  Now that doesn’t look right but pronounced as I spelled it.  Came in about third but there were five of us playing and besides I haven’t played for years.  It was fun.

This morning I gave two small infants baths and this evening I had four under my wing.  I changed them, took rectal temps and fed them.  It really takes time.  Took me from 5-7 of hard working and of course I didn’t get to go down to eat, all of which didn’t help, so after work I fixed me something to eat.  I must have been hungry because here’s what I ate: 3 eggs, scrambled, two slices of toast, a dish of grapefruit, and drank a glass of milk.

When we take care of the babies we have to wear long white gowns over our uniforms and masks.  I about swelter.  But yet I love little kids.  The one little child I told you about went home.  Dark hair and blue eyes-beautiful long lashes.  He kinda liked me but then I always was partial to dark people.

It’s getting later and later and time is flying.  It hasn’t even been three months yet.  But I agree with you-it seems like years.

Nite now-as ever




Wed morn-

‘Bout ready to go to work-630 am.  Have reread this letter and it seems like I’m doing a lot of griping.  Please forgive me.  Be seeing you.




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