Just call me a perfect 13.

May 6


Dearest Chuck:

Guess it’s about time I’ve written.  Bet it’s been about four days.  Been looking back in my diary.  I have not written to anybody except you and my father since the 26th of March.  Did you know I have only written to you 24 times?  This makes the 25th.  Anyway, that’s all I know of.  I soon shall count the letters I have received from you.  That should be easy because I’ve kept them all.

I’m writing this during my room hour.  We don’t have to be in class today until 1:30.  Then I’ll be off from 2-4.  Got to go down town and do a little shopping.  Got some shoes I’ve got to have clips put on.  My high-heeled white sandals.  Take some clothes to the cleaners, put my chubby in storage.  Something tells me I will be selling that to Laura next fall.  She sure likes it.  And I’ve got to pay my insurance.  If I should die-I’ve got be of some use to mom.  And then shop for some things for mother’s day.  Got a few cards yet to buy and I want to see about some corsages for mom and grandma.  Don’t know what to buy mom for mother’s day.  Been looking at some cute jewelry.

Guess I haven’t written you since Georges funeral.  It was most lovely.  We-some of the nurses here-sent a spray, and he really had scads of flowers.  All of them beautiful.  All of the senior class and some undergrads from Caldwell attended plus about 10 of us nurses.  It was the longest funeral procession I have ever seen.  They buried him out at Cloverdale-on the way to meridian.  Remember how beautiful it is out there?  His folks all held up wonderfully under it.  His dad kinda let down out at the cemetery.

Maureen came back last nite and she seems like her old self.  Had been horseback riding out home and had a good sunburn.


I had off from 2-5 this afternoon instead.  Did most of the things I told you I would.  I got rosebuds for mom and gardenias for grandma.  I think it’s nice to wear the color flowers showing whether or not your mother is living.  I do think they will be pleased.  I also did something I didn’t intend too.  I tried on some dresses and found one I liked.  Found it a long time ago, and have been looking at it, but failed to buy it.  It’s light green seersucker.  Buttons all the way down the front and has a brown belt.  I looked all over town for some shoes or sandals.  Either brown or white.  But no body has any.

Now for a little past news.  Don’t know if I told you mom was sick.  She somehow got her hip out of place last Wednesday and was home in bed from then till Saturday.  Of course she had to get up yesterday and go over and see Charles.  Then she went back to work today.  Golly, if everyone could be so loyal to their work as mom.  Now she can hardly gut up or down but still she plods on.  Saturday afternoon I went out home and mom washer her hair so I fixed it.  It didn’t turn out too good the first time, but I ‘spect it will keep improving.  Then I went out Sunday and combed it before she went over to Caldwell.

Say, big things are happening around here now.  They have put a coke machine in the basement of St. Margaret’s also in the hospital.  Every time we want some, all we have to do is run downstairs. Expect we’ll drink quite a few while they’re so close at home.  In fact, I’m sipping one now!

I talked with Maureen for a while tonight.  She told me all about Jr. I think she feels a lot better now so my evening has not been wasted.  When you come I shall tell you more about it.  We smoked like troopers.  Maureen has made quite the habit of it especially since his death, but tonight is the first time I have in ages.

Also, I turned down a date this evening.  Guess I’ve got some of my appeal left so you won’t be disappointed!  Although, I still weigh 125-I believe I have a figure though!  You know the dress I bought?  Well, it doesn’t have to be altered in any ways!  Believe it or not, but just call me a perfect 13.

Well, I’ve got to address some Mother’s Day cards, and it’s past my bedtime.

Nite Now.

Love as ever-




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