I’m in the mood for love

May 1 1946


Dearest Chuck:

How are you, Dolly?  I do hope in best of health.  Me-feeling same as always, except, I’m lonesome.

I have Jenny’s radio in my room.  Just before I began this letter, I heard the song “I’m in the mood for love.”  Indeed I am.



I took my corsage out of the refrigerator this morning.  I have it on my dresser-drying it a little before I press it.  It is still beautiful outside of some bruises.  It has so filled the room with its fragrance.  There’s no fragrance I like better.  You’re a sweet dear to send it.  Have no doubt ever in your mind concerning gardenias and I.

Remember I mentioned that Maureen’s brother died in my last letter, and we didn’t know how? (This was in the letter I didn’t include)  We found out last nite.  He and six companions went up to the ranch in long valley and then on the way back they ate a lot of food and including some cream pies.  Guess they only got into Cascade before George was taken ill.  They took him right to the hospital but he died immediately.  Has had stomach trouble for some time, but that topped it off.  Maureen has been out to Diamond’s since his death.  The funeral will be tomorrow morning.  I have been excused from classes.  A group of us went together and have brought a large floral spray.  Lee and Jenny and I are going together.

Darling, I’m sorry if my thoughts wander-I’m listening to a play on the radio.  I had a dish of ice cream while listening.  I brought some back from the hall this afternoon.  I had that and some cookies left over from the dance last Thursday.  That ended them.  Goodness you would have been surprised at the amount of them we brought home.

Mom hasn’t been feeling too well.  A couple of days ago she somehow threw her hip out of joint and the Dr. can’t get it back in. She’s been in bed for two days now.  The Dr. she usually goes to won’t be back for 2 weeks and the one she went to didn’t seem to help.  She said to tell you hi and thank you for the Easter card.

As far as duty goes, I’m in Pediatrics for 3 months.  Me and the rest of the kids.  I really don’t think I’ll mind it.  I kinda thought I’d be on days for a while, but in little over a week, I’ll go back on relief.  They have crazy shifts.  Now tomorrow morning I have to get up in time to take temperatures from 7-8 and then outside of classes I don’t go back to work until 7-10 tomorrow night.

I shall now talk about something ghastly.  Today, in some of our return demonstrations, I had a rubber tubing run down my nose down into my stomach and the contents withdrawn.  Anyway, they tried to get it down my nose and it would not go down either side.  Nor could I get it down my throat.  Anyway, I have a headache and it seems like I can feel that tube in my throat yet.  Guess I’m not built like others!

Well, my hair is all put up and I’m tired so I guess I should go to bed.  I’ll sleep now with your picture by my head.  And the fragrance of your flowers in the room.

As ever- nite now-




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