Nautical Rompers and the First Day of School

sue's dad first day of school

Here is a wonderful photo of my mother-in-law’s dad, Pete Gallup (nicknamed after a children’s story that he liked, as his real name is Shelley).  I’ve been told that this is a photograph of him on his first day of school, taken either outside his family home in Omaha, Nebraska, or in Indiana. His excitement is readily apparent on his face- his smile large, his eyes crinkled, and his cheeks glowing.  He runs toward the camera, his bright blonde hair windblown. His arms swing, clutching his little white paper bags.

One of the cutest things about this picture, beyond his excitement of course, is his outfit.  Full length rompers, such as this one, were popular in the 1930s (as were short rompers!).  His outfit’s pattern, the nautical style stripes, were extremely popular in the late 19teens and 1920s, but there was a resurgence of the sailor styles in 1934.  Additionally, the multiple buttons along the waist are a characteristic of boys clothing in 1935.  I love the wide two-toned collar, the pocket, and the wide bands just above his un-scuffed shoes.  Judging by the age of Pete (who was born in 1931), and the style of clothing, I’m thinking this photograph is c.1934 or 1935.

This is Corinne’s son, the little girl who stuck her tongue out at the camera.  We’ll learn more about her through photographs at some point soon.

Further Reading:

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