Capturing a lovely day in the park

With my in-laws visiting this past weekend, I got a lot of new photos and accompanying histories of my husband’s family.  Here’s a cute one of my mother in-law’s grandmother, Corinne Condon,  her siblings, and their Irish nanny.

The Condon children and their Irish nanny, c. 1916.

The Condon children and their Irish nanny.

Corinne is the youngest at the right, and by far the feistiest.  I love that she’s not even smiling as she sticks out her tongue.  It’s pure animosity, and what’s even greater about this moment in time is the nanny’s indifference.

Perhaps it was one of those instances where the kid didn’t want to cooperate.  Perhaps the photographer chose to accept her disgruntled expression.  Either way, I think it makes an adorable photo.

Corinne was born in 1911, placing this photo between 1915 and 1917.



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5 responses to “Capturing a lovely day in the park

  1. Jess A

    What a fabulous find! I love looking through old family photos and getting the story behind them. Something I should starting writing down, I think.

    • It’s always so much fun to hear the stories! I got some juicy gossip on this nanny, too. I’m saving that for a later post, though. You should definitely get some of those stories! 😀

  2. Jolene Webb

    Haha love me some Corinne… Reminds me of Claira…

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