Sun tanning, parties, and gambling -1946

April 25 1946


Dearest Chuck:

Boy of all the hot places, I’ve sure picked the hottest to write to you.  I’m out on the lawn taking my first sun bath.  There’s seven of us out here and I’m sure you’d love the sight.  If I could cover less and get away with it, I’m sure I would!  I’m going to come out of this summer as brown as you were last.

I started this letter outside, but some time has passed since then.  I’ve come in and taken a cold shower.  When I came in the girls all said I had a wonderful tan.  My gosh, I’ve only been out once for half an hour! I do believe I’ll wait to really get a suntan when swimming rolls around-you know, water really is best to help a tan along.

Should I begin with last Monday, and tell you what I’ve done?  I got a letter from you and already I’ve reread it so many times its kinda ragged.  I did get my corsage and I love it dearly.

Let’s see, Monday was the nite I went to bed at 8 but the kids down the hall came home about 830 and were making so much noise, so I went into the hall to tell them to shut up and they said to come on down and see what they brought from home so of course I did.  It was then we decided to have a party and eat what they brought.  I though that would be all fine and dandy – maybe I would still get some sleep.  Little did I know we were waiting for the girls to come off relief.  So I laid down on one of their beds and went to sleep.  Woke up in time to eat a piece of mince pie and chocolate cake and drink a bottle of warm coke.  All of which made me very sick all that nite and all day Tuesday.  I’m back on my feet now tho. I made it to bed by 1, anyway.  Can’t remember anything about Tuesday except I felt awful.  Tuesday nite I went to bed at 7:30 and slept until 6:30 the next morning.  Straight through.  Boy did I feel better.  But since I got up at 6:30, I had to hurry over to duty with out cleaning my room.  That would happen to be the day Mrs. Deporter made rounds.  So I had my late permission taken away.  It didn’t bother me too much except last night was Maureen’s birthday and we were going out.  Cut our plans short for the evening, all though, we did go out.  We went to the Hotel Boise for dinner.  Say, talk about being people of leisure!  It took us 1.5 hours to eat what we ordinarily could have crammed down in 10 minutes on duty.  We did have a good time.  After we came home at 10, we went to one of the rooms and gave her her gifts. A lovely set of soaps and dusting powder.  Four of us went together and took her to dinner and bought her gifts.  I do believe she was really pleased.  She wore her new suit her mom made and it sure looks nice on her.
Yesterday we took our final in Principles.  Boy, am I glad that’s over-all 2 hours of it.  I almost consider it a waste of time.  We have a final tomorrow too that I have to study for.

Must leave you, my darling.  Will tell you why later.


Friday morning

I’m awfully sorry I didn’t finish this yesterday but I had so much happen.  AT 9:30, we (8 of us) went to the St. Lukes ball to represent the hospital.  We really had a wonderful time.  Didn’t come home until 1 am.  We really saw the big shots of the town at their worst and best.  I danced twice with Dr. Swindell (he was a little stewed), also with his head of staff, and with James (who was high and really cute).  I danced with quite a few other men, of course, most of them were on the oldish side.  I danced one number with a man who really knew how!  We served refreshments, and I spent intermission with Dr. Jones.  Guess we really made cute hostesses.  We had our pictures taken but I don’t know who they’ll turn out.

After it was all over with, I got to bring home all the cookies that were left over and there was plenty of them.  They also gave us the sherbert left-5 gallons! After we got home, we took a big pan of sherbert and a couple of boxes of cookies (big cake boxes, I brought two home as did all the others) to the smoking room and everyone who came, or wanted to gut up and come, could. After we fooled around for a bit, we half expected Stratta to come up and catch us and report us but she didn’t.  After the fling, one of the girls wanted to bring my notes so we could study Orthopedics (bones) together so I did and we went to bed at three.  Just couldn’t stay awake no longer.  Hope I have time to study this noon.  I slept till 10:30 and I have an eleven o’clock class.  Guess what I’m doing in that class.  Well, golly, I’ve just got to have time to write to you.

I go back on relief today.  My days are over I guess.  But this month ends next week and I hear I shall not stay on third but go down to pediatrics with the kids for the summer months.

Chuck-I don’t mean to criticize or call you out on anything.  Maybe I have no right.  I think I do.  But please, never let me hear you say anything about playing cards.  I can’t imagine your dad doing such a thing.  I wouldn’t be surprised if that wasn’t a reason for some quarrels in your home besides your uncle.  I ‘spect he loses a lot of money that way.  Please don’t be mad at me for saying it, but, Dolly, don’t ever play cards or gamble. Just can’t imagine that.

Closing now and sending my love.

As ever-



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