Parisian Street Scene

So, it’s taking me a bit longer to get back into the swing of things-I spent three weeks doing some freelance/consulting work in a museum in central Virginia, which involved a fair bit of commuting, staying with friends, and a lot of time being away from home.  I spent the weekend catching up on chores and just plain being a bum.

So, with that being said, today’s post is more of an ‘show-and-tell,’ rather than a ‘history of.’

My parents bought the following painting for me while we were vacationing in the beach this year.


IMG_0156 copy

It’s entitled ‘Paris,’ but I’m not sure if that was the venue’s title for the piece or the actual title, because ‘Paris’ is not written anywhere on the piece-front or back.  Regardless, I love the bustling street scene.


Detail of street scene

Detail of street scene


I fell in love with its heavily impasto-ed surface.  You can really see it in the above photo.  Sometimes, little detail, especially seen with the individuals and their featureless faces, can imply more about the scene and can allow the viewer to place their own thoughts and judgements on what something is supposed to be (sometimes a lot of detail can be amazing: like with John Constable‘s work.)

The artist is unknown, as I’ve had trouble reading his/her signature.  I think the date is 1951, although in the below photo, I’m not so sure what it looks like!

Signature detail, lower right of work

Signature detail, lower right of work

I have yet to hang this painting, but it will eventually go in my dining room-especially because the frame is so ornate!



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2 responses to “Parisian Street Scene

  1. I like the painting and am glad you played show & tell. 🙂
    Anything that has a “feeling of movement” in it appeals to me — and this one definitely does.

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