Easter corsages and hints at marriage

April 21

Easter Sunday Eve

I’m so happy today I don’t hardly know what to do.  My extreme happiness all began last night.  I came home at 10 and came upstairs as usual, but about 10:30, Mrs. Stratta rang our flash bell and said for me to come right down.  I couldn’t remember anything I had done wrong.  So I reluctantly trudged down.  When I got downstairs she gave me a flower box and said she though I might like it before I went to bed, and that it had just come in.  I opened it and it contained the most beautiful corsage I have ever seen!  Three big beautiful Gardenias!  I’ll bet all three were as big around as this paper. They are simply gorgeous.  I was so thrilled, and still am!  I ran right upstairs to show everybody.  Out of all of us girls here, only seven got corsages.  And mine the most beautiful.

After I took it back down and put it in the icebox, I came upstairs.  I so wanted to tell you I received it but a letter would take too long, so I did as you did.  Sent a telegram!  I do hope you received it today.

Why did you send Gardenias?  Because I love them so?  You couldn’t have pleased me better since that is my favorite flower.  I love them.  I love you!

I hope you don’t mind the collection of things I’m sending this time.  One is our Easter program (I’m not sending it after all <written in tiny letters above this sentence>).   And others-a cocktail napkin from Caldwell and the third, oh what a clipping.


Cocktail napkin, 1946

Cocktail napkin, 1946

Backside of cocktail napkin.

Backside of cocktail napkin.

Inscription inside of cocktail napkin.

Inscription inside of cocktail napkin.

I’m sorry Dolly if I seem to forward and frighten you.

Clipping included with letter of a wedding dress on the cover of the April 1946 Mademoiselle magazine.

Clipping included with letter of a wedding dress on the cover of the April 1946 Mademoiselle magazine.

But a girl can dream, can’t she?  Isn’t that the most beautiful gown?  That’s for me.  Can’t you just imagine me in it?  You just wait and see.  Some day remind me to tell you about the ring sets I’ve been looking at.

Want to know what I did last nite and the nite before and the nite before that?  Goodness gracious when did I write last?!  I’ve forgotten.  Thursday evening I went home.  Friday morning Jace blew in so in the evening all of us went up to Margarete’s for dinner.  She’s the most perfect cook.  Between Grandma and I we did her ironing for her in the evening.  She sure hasn’t been feeling good lately.  And those kids are sure up and going.  When Connie saw Jace she wanted to know here you were.  Guess you belong in our family now!

Last night three of us girls went to the show Bad Bascomb, with Wallace Beery and Margaret O’Brien. Kinda cute.


Bad Bascomb, 1946

Bad Bascomb, 1946

Dolly will you forgive me if I don’t write so much next week?  I’ve so much studying to do. We have two finals and they’ll both be cookers.  I’ve got to pass them.  I’m awfully ashamed of my self cause I flunked my final exam in G.U.  Guess I’ll just have to take the course over.  That sure brings my grades down.

Well, Dolly, I’ll go down and smell my beautiful flowers and then go to bed and dream.  Thanks for the card and most beautiful flowers!




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