If you get anything out of this letter, I’ll be surprised.

April 13

Sat eve 11:30 p.m.

Dearest Chuck:

Now of all places to be writing, I guess this really tops the list.  I’m in the Walnut Room of the Saratoga Hotel in Caldwell.  Mom and I came over here this evening and plan on staying all nite!

Saratoga Hotel in Caldwell Idaho.

Saratoga Hotel in Caldwell Idaho, a little earlier than the time Clarese is writing.

We left Boise on the 9 o’clock bus (oh, for a car) and got over here about 10:30.  Of course we sat right down to eat.  I had crab cocktail and filet-well done.  Golly, at this rate, I’m bound to get fat.  I weighed yesterday and I’m tipping the scales at 125 ½, now that could be ‘cause I’ve had four meals today.

Ruby blew in the other day.  I had an hour of class to go so she went over to see Laura.  (Laura had her tonsils out day before yesterday and didn’t get to come home till today.) When I got out of class at 3 – (pardon the stop but we’ve gone upstairs to our room-316- I’ll leave the door unlocked if you’ll come see me tonite-of course, with mom in bed with me- It might be crowded!) As I was saying- we couldn’t get permission for Ruby to come upstairs, so when Mrs. Stratta went back into her room, we snuck her up.  Guess there’s always more enjoyment that way.  Jenny was pretty tired; she’s on nites and so far that day hadn’t had any sleep but we drug her along to bowl anyway.  I’m telling you my score was awful.  Just a measly 90.  Ruby only got 110. We played a couple of games but that was my average.  We’ll have to go more often.  And you and I must go, too.

I do hope you get the letter I wrote yesterday.  Ruby took it and said she would mail it.  When I saw her today she said she did but that she opened it and censored it first.  I’ll bet she did.  Bet she would have liked too.  But my love is for you and you alone.

We made plans for fun in the evening-we were going to meet about 9 at McCalls and go out to Riverside.  Say, guess I forgot to mention-I had a date to go motorcycling at 4 yesterday-but Ruby came and he was 15 minutes late so we left.  Now to jump back to my former topic: Maureen, Lee, Jenny, Ruby and I were going.  Well, after I left Ruby and Jenny and I went home for supper.  (You’d never guess whom I found at home-Nina!  She had a chance to come home with some people who were coming to Caldwell so she did too.  She looks a lot better.  She’ll be home till next week some time. Sure funny- the day Nina came home, just before she came home actually, Grandma rented her room to a girl from California.  She’s awfully nice, but now Nina has to sleep with Mom and you know how squeaky that bed is!  Oh how I remember.  How I wish that time would come back. )  Guess I left off when we were up in our room- no- we were going out, we girls.  After supper I went back to the Hall.  Jenny was in bed and wasn’t going. so Maureen and I got ready, too.  We met Lee down at McCall’s and were waiting for Ruby.  We waited from 9 till 9:45.  We had found out that Riverside was closed so we went out to the El Rancho.  Ruby never did come.  She said she got out of the show at 9:15 and went down to Riverside and it was closed so she went home.  We sat and waited a few minutes and then went home.

Saturday, I worked in the lab from 7-3.  At 3, Maureen and I went riding.  Guess I’ll get use of my bike this summer with no classes.

That brings me up to Caldwell.  Golly, if you get anything out of this letter, I’ll be surprised.  It’s so jumbled up.  I would rewrite it, but it would take time and I want to send this off.  If it gets too complicated, just burn it.  And tell me and I’ll write another.

I’m out home-I mean St. M. (St. Margaret’s Hall, where Clarese lived while in school for the Nursing Corp), so I know I can finish it uninterrupted.

St. Margaret's Hall, Boise Idaho

St. Margaret’s Hall, Boise Idaho.

While Charles was upstairs changing his clothes, about 12:30, I wrote some, then we went back down to the Club. I’ll be glad when you can go see it, too. Just before we left to go upstairs, the manager said to have one on him, so when we came back down, he paid for all our drinks all evening.  I drank J.C. for two rounds then mom and Charles quit.  Charles and I played the slot machines and they played off 3 times- but Dolly, don’t ever make a habit of it.  Guess mom can’t take much and Charles was drinking on an empty stomach so we went up and were in bed by 1 A.M.  I did have fun though.  We slept till 9 this morning then got up for breakfast.  After breakfast we rode all over the country over there.  Most of the valley is orchards and they were all in bloom.  It was a beautiful site.  Another thing we can do with a car.  Ride all over the country.

We were back in Boise by 3p.m.  Jenny invited me to go bike riding but my bike was gone so instead I went out home.  Had a good meal and visited some.  Connie, Margaret, and the kids were up.  Golly, they’ve grown so.

Say, after I came back to the Hall about 8:30, I went motorcycling –the date I was supposed to have Friday.  He’s a person I’ve gone off and on with since I’ve been in Boise –name of Jack.  Really had a good time.  And the weather is heavenly- it was a real warm all day.

Well, I must close now and study for a test tomorrow.  It’s 11 p.m. already.  Ruby left tonight.

If you get nothing else out of this letter, I send my love-



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