Pass Me a Drink

This is another photo of my husband’s grandfather, James Webb, along with some friends in Okinawa.


James, sitting in the foreground, actively watches as drinks are being poured. Perhaps this was a little downtime after patrol duty while in Okinawa, or a quick pick me up after a bad day.  The first three at the bar eagerly await the outcome of the pour from the aviator clad bartender.  What’s interesting though is there’s only one glass-perhaps rations were low, or they were about to play a game?

This photo is a small glimpse into how soldiers chose to spend their downtime, and I’m so glad someone thought to grab this shot. It encapsulates a moment where the outside world is almost forgotten, and friends can just be friends without the greater worries surrounding them.



Filed under 1940s, Family History, Photograph, World War II

3 responses to “Pass Me a Drink

  1. Zed

    You have a very unique and insightful way to look at a photo.

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