Biking up Capitol Boulevard

April 7


My Dearest Chuck:

I’m having a feeling we’re not writing so often, but Darling I don’t mind, not if the letters are always as lovely as the last ones.

You don’t know what it’s like to have some time off.  I guess I wrote you last Friday on my long day.  Well, yesterday I went down to the lab.  We have the job of running urinalysis and then helping the lab technicians.  I won’t tell you the procedure of running urine but I come close to getting a mouthful of urine!  That wouldn’t taste so good, huh!  There were two of us student nurses down there all day yesterday, so after we ran the urines I went with the lab technician and sat at points getting inducto-therms (? I have no idea what she wrote, or even what she’s talking about).  Remember when you came down and sat with me when I had them on my leg?  While I was sitting there, I read a couple of chapters in a book we have to read while we’re in the lab and also answered the questions at the end of the chapters.  Well-I’ve read mine and answered some of the questions-not bad for the first day, huh?

In the afternoon we just did clean up work.  We were off at 3.  I went down town and looked around.  Wish I could find some shoes I liked.  Guess you know I should quit charging things.  This last check we got from the Gov. was $18.17.  Next month we’ll get $20- from then on till we’re through training. Any way as I was saying, it took all of that to pay my few bills.  Now I can start charging again-I guess for Easter clothes.  Mom bought a beautiful new straw hat.  Sure do love it.  Mom said after she wore it a couple of times I could have it.  I don’t mind it tho, cause it’s beautiful.  It is more or less just a brim (no crown), some flowers and veil.   I’ll show you when you come.

Say, Nina wrote and said to tell you ‘hi’ and wondered what you are doing.  She wants to know when my vacation comes.  Guess she’s more or less resigned to her fate that we’re coming up.  Say, did I tell you Friday nite that Laura and I went to the show “Diary of a Chambermaid?”

The Diary of a Chambermaid, 1946

The Diary of a Chambermaid, 1946

Not bad.  Say, everything is sure is going up huh!  It’s now 65 cents for shows and no more enlisted men’s pricing.  Straight kids and adults.  Even getting your hair fixed is more.  Guess I’ll have to start fixing mom’s hair.

I am about up to date on news-up to this morning, I guess. Today is my long day again. Now this next week, I’ll be in the lab-then next Sunday I’ll have off, too. I think mom and I are going to Caldwell next Saturday nite and stay all nite.  Should have fun, don’t you think?

I slept pretty good last nite and got up at 10:30 this morning.  Guess I sure looked rugged.  I washed my hair and boy!  Well, it didn’t turn out too bad.  I don’t know whether it was such a good idea or not to cut it.  As I was saying, I did all my mending and polished my shoes this morning.  I do wish I could find a decent white polish.  They don’t even look white any more.  We-Jenny and I-went bike riding this afternoon.  Sure had fun.  I had to work my bike over first, because my kickstand was half off.  About 40 lbs in each tire and the handle bars creaked.  Do believe I’ll quit loaning it.  Anyway we went riding through the park, pumped all the way up Capitol Blvd to the train depot.

Capitol Boulevard, Boise Idaho.  1960s postcard.

Capitol Boulevard, Boise Idaho. 1950s postcard.

Boise Train Depot.  1940s postcard.

Boise Train Depot. 1940s postcard.

I went all the way up with out stopping, too!  We were sure tired.  We laid around up there a while.  Then we went down to McCall’s for a snack.  I got into some clothes and came out home.  We finished up that roll we had on my camera, too.  Should be a couple of good shots on it.  One of my new suit, too!

Going to mail this on my way home.  Sending my love.

As ever-


P.S. Shiepes and Hazel both said you’d better write soon.  Hazel was in to her mom and said to tell you.

I’m not ready to quit writing to you darling.

I’ve written two more letters and all I could think of was what more I wanted to say to you.  Guess I told you Shiepes would like to hear something of you.  And Hazel came in to see mom last week and said you’d better write-She said she had planned on having you and I out to dinner, but you got away too soon.  I really enjoyed that evening out there!

Saw Lee today and she has decided not to marry Johnny.  They were going to get married as soon as graduation, but not now.  She’s not even wearing her ring.

Well-enough.  Time for me to catch a bus and go home.  I want to stop off and mail this.

Nite Dolly,


My love to you and regards to your folks.


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