When quality clothes were inexpensive

Walker Advertisement, The Gentlewoman, December 1916.

Walker Advertisement, The Gentlewoman, December 1916.


Want a 3 piece house dress?  If it were 1916, all you would need is 69 cents!  I wish quality clothes were still this inexpensive!

This ad is from a December 1916 copy of The Gentlewoman.  W. & H. Walker, a catalog company based out of Pittsburgh, Pa, established in 1837, was an earlier version to Sears & Roebuck (which is no longer a catalog company, but a department store.)  Walker sold practically everything.  I absolutely love looking through old magazines and catalogs, both to see the changing styles and the prices!



August 31, 2013 · 8:00 am

3 responses to “When quality clothes were inexpensive

  1. Jess A

    Ahhh this resonates with me! My mother kept a ton of clothes from the 70s, all of which are still in amazing condition. Speaking of which….I should send you a photo of this amazing coat from my great great grandmother from the late 1800s. It is in FANTASTIC shape, is the thickest/heaviest thing ever, and would probably still keep me warm (if I had the courage to wear it…but I’d rather preserve it!).

    • That’s so awesome! Do you ever end up wearing your mom’s clothes? Vintage is totally in these days! I would absolutely LOVE to see a photo of your great great grandmother’s coat, by the way. If I could go back and do grad school over again, I’d probably choose to be a costume historian! (Museum Studies was pretty awesome, though!) I ogle over 1800s/1900s clothing on Pinterest ALL THE TIME!

      • Jess A

        Yes, I do wear my mom’s clothes…one of my first outfit posts on here was of her jacket, you can see it here: http://diaryofacurlygirl.com/2013/06/22/summer-classic/
        …and I always used to wear her (pocketed) dresses in high school. Love it!

        I will have to take a picture of that coat and show you! My mom loves fashion, too…hence the quality clothes that she kept. And my friend has a really wicked board selection on Pinterest of clothing from different eras, if you want to check it out. I find it fascinating to see!
        http://pinterest.com/samanthamean/ (scroll down to her vintage sections). Enjoy! Let me know what you think!

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