Funny Moments in the Nursing Ward

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March 8 1946

Friday Morn

Dearest Chuck:

Or should I say, Charlie my boy?  Now really is my writing so difficult to make out? If so I’ll try to find a type writer some place-I knew that would stop you.  Oh but really I can type pretty well too.

I do miss you and am waiting patiently to see you.  Wonder when it will be?  If it’s not until my vacation-that’s five months from now.  Say did you notice what today is?  The 8th.  Wonder what happened 7 months ago today.  I know I truly don’t regret it.  I do miss you so.

Say, I’m getting darn sleepy in here.  I got off at 8 this morning, got a letter behind on my schedule. So I get to bed at 8:30 and up again at 9:30.  Had a class at ten- infant feeding-oh the things I’m learning.  Well, I got through that okay-now I’m struggling through Diet and Disease. Honestly-this teacher is boring so I’ll chance it and try to write this letter around a few notes.  I’m supposed to learn how to cook for people who have something wrong with them.  Heck, who wants to do that?  I’d rather have a normal family.

Today is Friday so that means we shall have both fish and pie for dinner.  Usually they’re pretty good- I mean we look forward to the pie anyway.  You know when I get off duty in the mornings I usually don’t eat anything and when I’m sleeping I don’t get hungry.  But golly gee-you should hear my stomach talking back to me this morning!

And I didn’t have much for supper at midnight last nite.  When we got over there we found out there wasn’t any cook so we started to prepare supper. Of course it wasn’t ready when we had to go to work, but the kids coming off should have had a good meal.  I had 3 pieces of toast and a couple cups of coffee. You know about the middle of the nite-around 3:30-I get to go down to the kitchen for 5 minutes, so I eat my breakfast then.  Usually coffee, fruit and toast. You sure look forward to that little break.

Last nite something fairly funny happened to me.  One of my patients was having quite a bit of pain.  He had a compound fracture of the leg and he said he would give five dollars to get rid of the pain.  So I went out and got permission to give him a hypo. After I gave it to him and was turning away, he slipped something in my pocket.  I took it right out and sure enough it was a five dollar bill.  I gave it right back to him.  Besides not wanting to take money, we aren’t allowed to.  I though it was rather funny tho.

And the nite before that I did a lot of running to make people comfortable. And so many said I was a good nurse even the nite supervisor, Mrs. Reynolds, said I was doing swell to keep them comfortable.  And to have her say some thing is really something.  Some times the way a patient smiles after you have made them comfortable just makes you feel good all over.

Had a funny experience this morning. We’ve had one old man who had come in.  All that’s wrong is old age, and I do mean old.  Well he spends half the nite howling.  And you just can’t keep him quiet.  Well this morning, just plain moaning and howling wasn’t enough.  He was cussing to the top of his voice, which is really loud.  I went in and tried to get him quiet but nothing doing.  He fights us so we can’t keep him quiet with sedatives.  So all this time I’ve tried to be sympathetic.  But by golly that didn’t work, and he made me so mad I started cussing right back at him. And I guess it startled him so that he shut up for a couple of hours at the least.  If his family knew, they’d probably deport me, but anyway he shut up.  Now aren’t I awful. We’re never supposed to lose our tempers.

I sure worked last nite-almost had a patient pass out on me.  But he’s still alive this noon.  My floor is full now and I have twenty patients.  Most of my patients are men with operations on they’re pride and joys, so they have catheters inserted through which they urinate and it runs into a jug.  Every morning I have to go around and measure and empty every one’s jug.

Golly it’s beautiful out today.  The sun is so warm.  Guess maybe we’ll take some pictures between our 1 and 2 o’clock classes we’ve never had one of our whole group in uniform informally.  By whole group I mean our class of 14.

Golly Chuck I could just go on talking for hours.

Might tell you that sometime in the middle of this letter I went over to dinner.  Anyway the berry pie was good.  Now I have two more hours of class then I can sleep.

Say just before I ate this noon, I weighed and would you guess how much now-125 pounds.  But I’m not getting fat honest.  About a week after you left I only weighed 115.  Wonder why I lost weight.  Bet I know.

Can’t think of much more, ‘sides this will be an all day job to transfer now.  Have you seen the principle yet?

Will close now with

All my Love



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