Lightbox, Take 2

Remember when the cats terrorized my lightbox a couple of months ago?   Well, I made another one.  While I was still working on it, Pippin found it.


And not even 5 minutes after I had finished it, he was rolling around on the inside, pawing at everything, and having a good ole’ time.


I shooed him out. And then this happened:


At this point, I was screaming at him to stop; trying to take a photograph at the same time. My husband was laughing, of course.  Not to worry, though.  Pippin didn’t go crashing through the top.  He registered the rising octaves in my voice and backed off, staring at me like I was crazy.

But for being a good kitty and listening to my hysterics, I let him get on the inside one more time before kicking him out.


Once I shooed him out of the way, I quickly took my photographs, and stashed the lightbox in the computer room and shut the door.  Looks like you’ll live to see another day, lightbox.



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2 responses to “Lightbox, Take 2

  1. Zed

    So, how did the photograph turn out?

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