Caroling and Hot Chocolate

It seems weird to be reading letters from Christmas time in 1945 when all I can think about is the beach.  But, I must push forward with next letter in this set, regardless.  Clarese details her caroling adventures throughout Boise hospitals:

December 18

Early Tues. Morn.

Dear Chuck:

Early Tuesday morning is right and it’s going to be much earlier when I get to bed. It is now 0039-Did I write that clear?  You know what else I have to do tonite? Write a letter to my feller (you), put my hair up as I have just washed it and study for the test tomorrow which we did not take today and I still know nothing.

Ah ha! Would you like to know what I’ve done all evening-that is if I can stay awake to tell.  After I saw you the last time, I came home –got ready for work then worked.  I was done by 7 (1900) tho.  Came home- somebody called all of whom said I should be warm when caroling well I was every place but my hands and seat.

All in all- it was a lovely evening.  Ideal for caroling –snow on the ground, clear sky, and big moon.  We sang and sang some more- just got in at 2400.  Would you like to know our course of travel?  Went over to St. Luke’s and sang before the truck came and then, the children’s home, the Bethany hosp (Boy it was fixed up beautifully. Xmas trees on the lawn!) Next came Memorial Hosp (for wayward girls-where we went in warmed our toes which by this time were plenty cold) and had hot chocolate-which certainly hit the spot.  Then we back to Moses-the people who drove us around in their truck.  They have the most beautiful home I’ve seen in ages, also furniture.  They have a bell collection from soup to nuts.  All are either pretty or unusual.  Again there we had cocoa and cookies. But it also hit the spot cause I drank 3 cups.
Gee whiz I’m so sleepy now I don’t know what to do.  Guess I’ll leave you know write soon and come to see me some time.

Signing off,

As ever-Clarese


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