My Sweet Embraceable You

This week’s letter is a little less exciting than last.  Clarese rambles on about several different things, all of which seem to be tangents from conversations she and Chuck had earlier in the day.

Dec 6, 1945 pg1

December 6, 1945

Thursday nite

Dear Chuck:

I’ve just seen you but for some reason I’m missing you already.  I do kinda wish you hadn’t told me what you did.  A couple of nites ago, mom and I kinda talked about us getting to like each other too well. We agreed that it would be better if we didn’t.  I mean its easier on you.  Now if and when you ship out and go home- it’s going to be kinda hard.  And dad gum it its hard on me too.

Why look at me now-I’m writing to you instead of studying.  But I can do that if I stay home all day tomorrow.  Guess I’ll finish my Xmas shopping next week some time.  Say remember when I gave mom the three dollars I owed her.  Well-when I got home it was in there again.  I caught her trying to put it in once but I thought she didn’t.  Oh well.

Gee I’m awfully sorry I got mad guess it happens quite easily huh! You know one of the best remedies I know is when you turn your back on me and leave me alone. Do wish you could help me get over it.  Will you try?

You know where I’m at? In Jenny’s room of course.  We’re listening to JoJo.  Some day when I’m in the chips I’m going to buy myself a little one.  But you know me.  I guess I won’t too much.  Remember my $10,000 nest egg I want to start with? I think I’ll ever get it?  I think I’ll come close to it.  Aww gee Chuck-I don’t know how things will work out.  Your family doesn’t know anything or way little about me.  I know little of nothing about them.  What will they think?

You know our family kinda has its up and downs.  4 members -uncles and aunts have split with their husbands and wife’s-some have gone back together, others haven’t.  I mean- things could happen to me too.  But guess it would be up to me to get out of that rut.

Jenny and I have just gone over the things she has bought.  She really has some cute gifts.  I really didn’t do much this year.  But next year I’ll give cute things.

Say you now the small of my back is way sore.  Did you by any chance squeeze me too hard?  Well I wish you hadn’t have.  Jenny just gave me a good rub down so I feel a little better.  Now if only I could get rid of this headache.  Guess maybe my crying didn’t help it any.

Gee Chuck I don’t like to hurt anybody.  Not like I’ve been hurt. I’m going to be sure-Besides- I’m going to finish nursing and if I get a chance-I’m going to see part of the world.  Guess I just keep talking in riddles.

Say having eaten only one meal today I aught to be losing weight.  Guess I’ll go over and weigh tomorrow before dinner.  Say just how tall are you and how much do you weigh?  I’ve got to get some thing down pat about you.  Now I am talking in riddles.  Say.  If I have to work maybe 5 to 11 Sun maybe we could go to church.  Anyway my hair would be fixed.  Gee that’s going to seem odd.  Say I could do a little bit of shopping Sat couldn’t I?

You know whats on the radio: “My sweet embraceable you.”  Well guess I’ll leave off with that.  See you in dream land.  You know I’ll still be sleeping when you hit the sock.

Nite now-

As ever


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